Welcome, to my about me page. Attempt 924. Is it just me or are about me pages one of the most difficult things to write? (I hope that made you giggle a little because I know at one point in life we all have had to write one)

I created this blog not because I’m a superhero (that actually is a story for another time) but I created this blog in hopes to help other moms like me.

You see I’ve always been a creative, an entrepreneur, and a dreamer. When I finally decided to stay home with my kiddos, I knew life would be different.

We used to have plans that we both would work, and send the kids to school.

Well, God had other plans, and our life is completely different. My sweet husband goes to work through the week, while I stay home with our four kiddos and homeschool them.

Even though our plans have changed just a tiny bit, I would not let being a stay at home mom stop me from pursuing my passion.

So instead, I embrace the chaos, the four crazy kids I have, my business, my blog, homeschool, my creative heart, all of it.

My life is busy, and there have been plenty of moments where throwing in the towel sounded great, and I can bet you have had those times too! I want to help you!

I want you to embrace all the chaos too, I want to help you follow your creative heart, your entrepreneur’s heart! Whatever your passion is whatever it is in life you WANT, I want to help you get there.

Always remember that You were someone before you were their mom, and SHE matters too! I just love to help and support moms everywhere! Always remember that it’s ok to do what you love, and you should never feel guilty for doing just that.

If you see me write about how to help you achieve your goals, how to help you start a blog, decluttering, or even crafting, every single one of those ideas had you in mind!

Random facts about me that lead me to where I am today!

My husband and I have been together for almost 12 years! We are high school sweethearts and married for four of them! We met at Target, this is just a bonus as to why Target is my favorite store ever!! (Yep I am totally one of those moms and I will yell it, proud sister) 💍

Target is my favorite store ever! (just in case you forgot already) 🎯

I love iced white chocolate mocha basically from anywhere ☕

We have four kiddos (they are all two years apart and our two youngest are twins) 👦👦👦👧

I homeschool all four of them (we are going on our 4th year!) 📚

Yellow is my absolute favorite color (so much that our front door will be that color one day) 💛

I love to travel! ✈

I also believe that Christmas is 100 times more fun when you have kids! 🎄

I used to have a photography business that will always have a special place in my heart! 📷